ICS Pefect Point Drill
ICS Perfect Point® Drills combine the best features of metal and wood cutting drills and can be used to replace over a dozen styles of drill points for cutting.
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The general form of ICS Perfect Point® resembles a modified form of a flat-bottom drill. However, this drill includes a helical or spur-style point and a special edge chamfer. Together, these elements create a drill point with six individual cutting edges. This point geometry produces a unique cutting action that allows these drills to function much like center-cutting end mills. Rather than effecting a drill's customary action, a Perfect Point Drill performs much like a rigid, multi-flute boring tool.

The drill's unique point geometry gives it a variety of advantages not found with conventional or specialty point styles. Most notably, these benefits include an improved cutting action that generates smooth surface finishes with excellent drilling precision and accuracy. This design also provides stability while substantially reducing chatter and vibration that is common with other drill point shapes.

These drills combine the best features of metal and wood cutting drills and are well suited for drilling holes in a wide range of different materials. They may be used for drilling ferrous and nonferrous metals, natural and composite wood products and a range of plastics and similar manufactured materials.

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The ICS Perfect Point