Special Thread Dies are any non-standard style or size die. Special pitch or thread form dies should be made to standard die dimensions where possible to keep costs down. They can be quoted for any quantity from one to several hundred. The larger the quantity, the less the individual cost. Pricing is based upon quantity ordered. Please inquire for pricing. Find special thread taps here.
Type in a diameter to reveal some of the custom special pitch or thread forms we have manufactured in the past, or browse our catalog pages below to see lists.
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Machine Screw Sizes
#4 - 36 to #14 - 48 page 230
Fractional sizes
1/4 - 14 to 5/8 - 22 page 230
5/8 - 24 to 1-3/16 - 20 page 230A
1-3/16 - 24 to 3-1/2 - 5 page 230B
Metric Sizes
1.7mm x 20 to 52mm x 3 page 229