cut-off blade
Ideal for cutting-off, grooving, notching and similar operations.
T-Shaped Cut-Off Blades page 316
T-Shaped blades are ideal for cutting-off, grooving, and similar operations. The narrow design converses material being cut and reduces the heat generated when cutting. This style blade will produce a chip narrower than the blade itself. Increased clearance angles on each side of blade reduce friction and assure long tool life. These blades fit all cut-off tool holders made for holding T-shaped blades.
Cut-Off Blades - High Speed Steel page 316
M-2 High Speed Steel Cut-Off Blades are designed for cutting-off, grooving, and similar operations.

Cut-Off Blades - Cobalt page 316
Cobalt Cut-Off Blades are designed for heavy duty and high speed machining operations.
Turning Tool Holder page 317
Turning Tool Holders have a relieved cutter bit hole for proper seating and reduced breakage of tool bits. All holders come complete with a wrench. Left hand holders offset to the right; right hand holders offset to left.

Cut-Off Blade Tool Holder page 317
Cut-Off Blade Tool Holders are designed to support cut-off blade and help prevent blade breakage. All holders come with a wrench and M-2 high speed steel cut-off blade.