John Jaconi, President of ICS Cutting Tools, started his manufacturing business in 1980. With a background in industrial engineering, he did his own sales, manufacturing and distribution. In 1981, ICS incorporated and started acquiring machines for manufacturing. In 1989, they purchased a large industrial building in Casco, Wisconsin, where they are located today.

ICS Cutting Tools manufactures custom and standard drills, end mills, taps, dies, reamers and cutting tools. Our products are sold both nationally and internationally mainly by catalog to distributors and wholesalers. Diversification is the way to succeed in today's market, and ICS excels at it with an extensive line of cutting tools (in excess of 47,000 different items).

After patenting the Perfect Point Drill®, ICS has emerged onto the tool design scene. With several new designs in progress, including a dental drill, ICS will continue to be an innovator in the cutting tool industry.